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May 20 2018

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180518 - a memory clock

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hyunjoo in no more’

April 19 2018

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Lesbian Jesus strikes again.



Heterosexual: I have straight hair

Homosexual: I have curly hair

Bisexual: I have wavy hair

Asexual: I’m bald

Demisexual: I’m usually bald but I like to grow my hair out for special occasions

Pansexual: My hair texture depends on the humidity, the moon cycle, and whether or not Saturn is in opposition



So, an old doll line from when I was a kid, Diva Starz, recently popped into my head. I know I had the blonde one and I remember enjoying the games they had on their website, but I couldn’t quite remember what they looked like apart from having big feet. So I looked them up and…



What’s with their eyes?

Summer is feeding on my soul.

I remember them being much cuter. Why did I like this?



A (Big) Callout


This is a Callout post for all the “antis” in the Circle of Meanies server. The server is owned and run by 2ds-melodica. They have another, more secret server they talked about a lot. But I don’t have any information on it. I can only assume it’s much worse than this one.

Before making this post, I collected the Server ID, Channel IDs, all of the User IDs, and various Message IDs for the messages you see in these screenshots and have already sent them to Discord’s abuse section, who are investigating.

This is very, VERY long post, but I wanted to keep the screenshots fully for continuity, and to keep from being accused of taking certain messages out of context.

Any names/messages blotched out in red are from accounts who were kicked from the server out of suspicion early on and did not participate in the harassment.

The list includes:

I have provided screenshots of the “introductions channel” as proof, linking each of these blogs to this server.

These screenshots have been collected over the past few days, (April  so all of this is very recent. They are broken up into sections to keep them organized, there will be some repeats because some screenshots over lap and go into more than one section.

All screenshots under the cut because it’s too long and crashing tumblr mobile.

Keep reading

March 24 2018

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Get these beautiful carousel music boxes at Kawaii Babe | Free Shipping Worldwide | Use the code “lollipop” for 10% off any purchase!!!

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The Ivy Chelsea Garden | magspangeni

January 04 2018

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December 26 2017

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You’re my present this year.

Y'all need to STOP

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the donald trump animatronic at disneyland’s hall of presidents looks like they made an animatronic for hillary, went “oh fuck” and stretched a hastily-made donald trump skin over hillary’s facial structure 

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loki, trying desperately to make small talk with the avengers: this is my son fenris he’s big and strong and i gave birth to him :) hes a black wolf with glowing red eyes :)

peter parker, a millennial who, while not too brushed up on his norse mythology, definitely knows full well what a fursona is: okay mr. loki that’s very cool



Wikipedia but everything is in future tense

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December 18 2017

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