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January 04 2018

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December 26 2017

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You’re my present this year.

Y'all need to STOP

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the donald trump animatronic at disneyland’s hall of presidents looks like they made an animatronic for hillary, went “oh fuck” and stretched a hastily-made donald trump skin over hillary’s facial structure 

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loki, trying desperately to make small talk with the avengers: this is my son fenris he’s big and strong and i gave birth to him :) hes a black wolf with glowing red eyes :)

peter parker, a millennial who, while not too brushed up on his norse mythology, definitely knows full well what a fursona is: okay mr. loki that’s very cool



Wikipedia but everything is in future tense

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December 18 2017

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December 16 2017

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This is a description for a calendar but I like it bc it makes it sound like Mario is gonna give me the emotional and financial support I need to get my life together in 2018. 

The bros is here for you

reblog stability mario to have your shit together in 2018

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chris pine at zachary quinto’s birthday party 

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Kaneda + Tetsuo


Me: *feels alone and abandoned while 5 people are waiting for a text back since 8 hours ago*

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I’ve put these all into one post to make things easier..

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